The QUEST Company was founded in 2003 to supply high reliable electronic components to the leading developers and manufacturers in Russia. The QUEST Company's headquarters is located in Vyborg.

The Company is currently focused on the supplying of electronic components for power electronics equipment, power supplies, RF / microwave devices, welding equipment and safety systems production, telecommunication and networking equipment, as well as for the aerospace, and high-temperature industrial applications. The scope of services includes technical customer support by experienced qualified staff.

The QUEST Company has distribution and partnership agreements with the world-renowned manufacturers, such as Microsemi Corporation, GAIA Converter, Semtech Corporation, PICO Electronics, Apex Microtechnology, Caddock Electronics, Device Engineering Inc. (DEI), PCA Electronics and GES Electronic & Service. We also can supply high reliable electronic components in collaboration with major worldwide stocking distributors from Europe and the U.S.

The quality management system of the QUEST Company is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which facilitates communication and ensures the quality of services provided.

The QUEST Company is constantly working to expand the range of the product offerings, taking into consideration the growing needs of its customers and the global electronics market trends.

The Company customers base includes more than 800 companies from all regions of Russia, which are working in areas such as industrial electronics, instrumentation, wired telecommunications, navigation and monitoring, security, energy, metrology, avionics, aerospace instrumentation, medical and contract manufacturing.

The advantages of the Company are:

  • direct distribution agreements with leading manufacturers of electronic components;
  • qualified technical support, that provides all the necessary customer services for the optimal use of products supplied;
  • professional consulting on the selection and application of components;
  • individual approach for every customer, which includes a flexible payment system, competitive prices, special prices for registered projects;
  • direct delivery from the world's global distributors;
  • the possibility to keep a buffer stock for the customers and projects;
  • customer-oriented qualified personnel;
  • modern quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001;
  • samples and development tools providing.

188800, Sovetskaya 5, Vyborg, Russia
Phone: (+7 813-78) 3-56-20
Fax: (+7 813-78) 3-27-55